BPEC English Meeting : Is National Examination Still Necessary for Education??


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 Is National Examination Still Necessary for Education??
             People are recently questioning about the significance of National Examination (Ujian Nasional) as a benchmark education in Indonesia. Pros and cons of whether it is necessary or not to implement the National Examination in Indonesia.
             Actually, the objection of national examination is maintaining the quality of education and to set up the national standard for junior and senior high schools. For this reason, the previous administration insisted that National Exam could not be eliminated. If national examination abolished, how the government will know the quality of education in Indonesia?
                      We must admit National Examination has encouraged and motivated student to study hard more and more, and to increase their self-independence because this examination has a national standard for all over the country. If they can hopefully pass this examination, it will have the students satisfied and their parents will proud of them. As same as the students, the teachers will try to do their best by sacrificing their time and energy for the success of their students. 
              However, the practice doesn’t sound as nice as that stated goal. It was reported that many students cheated in the exam. Not only students, some teachers were also reported helping their students to cheat. This problem arose because both of student and teacher afraid fail in the examination and cannot continue their study.
Glossaries:  Benchmark = Tolak Ukur; Pros and cons = pro dan kontra; significance; arti,manfaat
                                      Abolished = dihapuskan; sacrificing = mengorbankan
  1. What is your opinion about national examination in Indonesia?
  2. Do you agree if national examination as education measurement in our country?
  3. Are the student and teacher in Indonesia lack of confidence so they are dishonest to face national examination?
  4. Do you agree if national examination abolished in Indonesia?
  5. What the best solution for education problem especially national examination in Indonesia?
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