Dieting can change a person’s life for the better or ruin’s one’s healthy completely

        Now days in modern era, appearance has become the important thing in our life everyone has to give treatment to their body and face. Overweight is one of the problems for our body not only for our appearance but also for our healthy. Therefore, everyone has to keep their weight to shape good body, diet is the best solution to solve the overweight problem and maintain the ideal body.

Dieting is process to reduce the calorie and fat in our body, many things that we can do to reduce it, commonly people diet by fasting and some exercises not only that but also people must give notice to the nutritious food, sometimes there are people have misunderstanding concept about dieting so occasionally it arose many new problems for their life and causes negative impact.

Many people think dieting just reduce their food consumption and fasting. Unconsciously, they are wrong to interpret about diet, because diet actually is only change  our  eat pattern and reduce fat food in a day, there some bad habit in dieting process, for example didn’t  eat nutritious food, over fasting, lack of water consumption stay up all night, all of the bad habits can ruin our healthy.

Actually, there are many things have to know by us to diet successfully, if you are in dieting process you should know kind of nutritious food, you must drink much water in a day, eat some fruits and do some exercise regularly and don’t forget to sleep enough because our body need time to rest if you are hard worker.

Diet has many advantages for us if we do diet correctly. Firstly we can improves the ability of controlling our extra- intake habits of foods because maybe we spent too much money for food in a day. Secondly builds up patience and consistency in our personality. Thirdly, absolutely reduce our weight and the last is may reduce the risk of various heart diseases.

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