Nowadays, there are many people ask me, “Can I mastery the English in 3 month?” so I always give with the same answer. English is not goods so you can’t buy it like goods. If you have much money you can’t buy it like a good because speaking, writing, listening and reading in English are skill, so if you want to mastery the English you should have a big motivation. A big motivation is not enough, you should take an action, there many things that you can do if you want I, now I want to tell you the way that can you do for mastery the English :

Let’s speak

There many people have much vocabulary but if they want to speak they can’t do it. The question is, why? It just because they never do same exercise to speak in English, speaks in English just like SPORT exercise makes perfect.

One of the best ways if you want to exercise regularly you should join English meeting in your town, in English meeting you can meet with another people that has the same motivation to mastery the English besides that you can share each other about English

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